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Hello friends, I'm Lily, and I'm a spankoholic. I sold my first self spanking videos in 2007, did my first pro work as a bottom in 2008, and was hooked. I soon started creating videos with friends, topping in addition, and selling DVDs. 

I officially decided to open an online store to sell my clips in 2009. I also began providing professional spanking sessions as both top and bottom, and did so both at home and on the road on a regular basis from 2009 through late 2015. 

That said, I am currently on indefinite hiatus due to severe currently incurable neuroimmune chronic illnesses which keep me largely bedridden. Our last videos were shot in March of 2019, they may or may not be the last I do, that truly remains to be seen as I'm only going to be 40 this year and much in life can always change. 

While that does make me sad when it comes to my work that meant so much to me for so long, it's ok. I still have a beautiful full happy life with my wonderful husband who spanks me AND pushes my wheelchair around, as well as family, friends, and the cutest pups on the planet.

I'm also beyond grateful for everything I was able to accomplish before it came to this. Yes, I did battle illness through my whole career, it just got worse. I'm also extremely grateful to the fans, friends, those from the scene who did support me as much as they could, and especially those who never stopped cheering me on. I won't forget that, though I may forget your name/details if we're not close, as my brain kinda sucks these days!

I'm in the middle of a remaster project, going through my old clips and editing them to look a little better with better software and with a little more experience under my belt. I will still be posting these clips from time to time, but there may not be new content for a long time, or there may never be, or I may feel much better this summer and feel like filming, can't say. If an enthusiastic newbie contacts wanting to shoot, I will probably figure out a way to do it. Just please don't expect regular new updates if you purchase a membership. It will still give you access to a decade's worth of my content!

Now that I've had the chance to introduce myself and explain the current state of things, please feel free (if you're over 18, if not, please come back when you are!) to peruse this site to purchase my spanking videos, view more photos, watch free preview clips, check out our all star cast, find clips by performer, read my past client testimonials, and find other great spanking sites! 

Love, Peace, Kindness, Hugs, Kisses, and Happy Spanking To You!



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