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Welcome to Lily Starr Spanking!

Hi, I'm Lily, and I'm a spankoholic. I sold my first self spanking videos in 2007, did my first pro work as a bottom in 2008, and was hooked. I soon started creating videos with friends, topping in addition, and selling DVDs. 

I officially opened my online stores in 2009. I also began providing professional spanking sessions, and did so both at home and on the road on a regular basis from 2009 through late 2015. I must now limit in-person sessions to a very occasional, exclusive, and incall only basis due to chronic illness, but am still actively producing films. Peruse this site to purchase my spanking videos, watch free preview clips, check out our all star cast, read client testimonials, learn about services offered, find a list of other great spanking sites, and more! 

Happy Spanking! ♥

I was nominated for Best Female Spanker and Best Spanking Site 2016 in the Spanking Awards for my work last year! Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the site even more this year!!!​​Nominations are currently being taken for the 2017 Spanking Blogg video awards! I would greatly appreciate your support by including me in nominations for any categories you feel appropriate, mainly best spankee facial expression, best female spankee, and best female spanker, my husband Robert Wolf (pictured here) for best male spanker, and Lily Starr Spanking for best spanking site! Thank you!!!​