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Recent Releases:

Forbidden Candy - This Daddy/Daughter domestic discipline style age play spanking features Sarah Gregory & Robert Wolf. Robert catches Sarah in her ruffly little pink dress and pigtails, playing with candy cigarettes from grandma. She knows Daddy has a rule that she's not allowed to play with them, because he doesn't want his little girl practicing to be a gross unhealthy smoker! Bratty and defiant little Sarah needs firm discipline from her Daddy, and receives it across his knee as he turns her bottom as pink as the strawberries on her dress!

No Nonsense Bedtime Discipline for Lily - An intense punishment to tears from Daddy. Wearing vintage pink pajamas and punished with birchwood hairbrush and leather tawse.


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Sit Like A Lady! - An age play spanking for Lily from Mommy, played by the suberb Sarah Gregory. Lily has been thoughtlessly sitting with her legs spread open at church, so everyone could see her panties! Her mother is very embarrassed and shows her displeasure OTK and with the wooden spoon. Very cute scene for fans of littles play and religious themes.

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