Her Hunger - Vampire Countess Takes A Dominant Lover - Hard Spanking, Domination & Fingering to Multiple Orgasms - Halloween Special 2017 - See link for full clip info. This epic hour long scene had to be released in portions due to size, making it a very large gallery, enjoy! Here is the link to the full scene from reaction cam angle as well. 

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Mom's Painfully Poor Judgment: Mother & Schoolgirl Daughter Punished Together By Dad For Lying By Omission - Miss Anna Spanked To Sobbing, with Lily Starr & Robert Wolf M/FF. See store for full description, this massive gallery contains stills from both ladies' spankings and reactions! Full version, or separate bottom and reaction cam versions are all available.​


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No Nonsense Bedtime Discipline for Lily - An intense punishment to tears from Daddy. Wearing vintage pink pajamas and punished with birchwood hairbrush and leather tawse.

Little Lily & The Case Of The Missing Chocolates - Disciplined OTK with Wooden Spoon Paddling, Daddy/Little Girl Age Play Spanking (BOTTOM CAM 1920 HD) - Lily is a naughty little girl who ate all the chocolates and then tried to hide it! Daddy Robert Wolf gives her a good paddling over his lap with the wooden spoon to teach her not to be so selfish. Reaction cam version also available and being added to member site soon!

A Lesson For Teacher: Miss Anna Spanked, Scolded, Paddled, And Caned To Tears By Lily Starr & Robert Wolf (Reaction Cam Bonus Footage) - See Anna's face (and even a peek of her backside) as she is spanked OTK with hand and wooden spoon, bent over to be caned, again paddled with the wooden spoon, cries genuine tears, and begs for her punishment to stop! See the full version to watch Anna's beautiful bottom coloring up!

Little Terror's Comeuppance - Naughty Little Sarah Gregory Spanked OTK With Hairbrush By Mommy Lily - Vintage Age Play F/F: Sarah was a very naughty little girl while Mommy & Daddy were trying to enjoy a date night! She gave her babysitter a terrible time, and now Mommy is going to use her hairbrush to send the little brat to bed with a sore bottom and improved attitude! Includes reaction shots!

Forbidden Candy - Daddy/Daughter domestic discipline style age play spanking. Robert catches Sarah in her ruffly pink dress and pigtails, play smoking with candy cigarettes from grandma. She knows Daddy said that she's not allowed to have them, because he doesn't want his little girl practicing to be a smoker! Bratty little Sarah needs firm discipline from Daddy, and receives it over his knee as he turns her bottom as pink as the strawberries on her dress!

Her Husband Said No - Disobedient 1950s Wife Severely Punished OTK w Wooden Spoon - Retro Domestic Discipline - In this 1950s DD household role play, Lily has been wanting one of the fancy new refrigerators that all her friends are getting! She asked Robert and he said no, but she found out she could get it herself on credit, and when he comes home from work he is unaware that it is already in their kitchen! She dresses up extra pretty tonight, has his favorite dinner finishing up in the oven, has a cocktail waiting for him, and tries very hard to convince him that the purchase is really a good idea, to no avail. Once he finds out what she has done, she is in very big trouble for her defiance. Severe OTK scene, Lily is punished with her husband's heavy hand and then an even heavier wooden spoon over pantyhose, retro white panties, and bare bottom! She is left heavily marked from the thick wood, as she's reminded who wears the pants in their home! A must for lovers of vintage spanking, and anyone who enjoys hard punishment scenes between real couples. Bottom cam version!

Sit Like A Lady! - An age play spanking for Lily from Mommy, played by the suberb Sarah Gregory. Lily has been thoughtlessly sitting with her legs spread open at church, so everyone could see her panties! Her mother is very embarrassed and shows Lily her displeasure OTK and with the wooden spoon. Very cute scene for fans of littles play and religious themes.

You can find hundreds of free video preview clips via SpankingTube by clicking this direct link to my profile there! You can also find me via their Models listing page! I've been posting there for many years now. There are some extra long previews you will find, and even a free full film or two. Subscribe for updates if you haven't already!

A Painful Lesson For Teacher: Miss Anna Spanked, Scolded, Paddled, And Caned To Tears By Lily Starr & Robert Wolf - This old-fashioned and arrogant schoolteacher gets more than she bargained for, when she is invited to meet with the parents of a young girl she spanked in class without their consent! This is illegal in California, and they could easily have her fired, but they really want to give her a taste of her own medicine. She is spanked OTK by Lily with hand and wooden spoon, then kneeling with her bottom stuck out for the cane. When her husband Robert arrives home, he watches approvingly, very embarrassing for Anna, and very apropos in their opinion.  To punish and embarrass her even further, Lily offers Robert the cane, which he uses so hard on her bottom that it breaks! Lily then paddles her more with the spoon, and again hands it off to Robert who really lays into her until they're both satisfied that she's had enough. Anna is sent away with tears streaming down her cheeks, and with a new understanding of what it could mean to ever put her hand's on someone else's child again!

Little Lily's Ruined Tea Party - ABDL Playtime & Wet Diaper Change: Solo ABDL little space fun, this clip does not contain any spanking, though Lily mentions that she gets spanked.

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Office Provacateur's Severe Spanking & Forced Oral From Her Boss: Bottom Cam Version - In this D/s office fantasy, Lily is throwing herself at her boss, but he has heard too many stories of her sleeping around with the whole office. He believes she needs to learn a lesson about appropriate behavior in the workplace, and if he is going to have any involvement with her, he wants to be sure she isn't going to continue flirting with the rest of the men at work! Once Lily has been severely spanked, paddled, caned, and strapped, Robert discovers that she is quite aroused, and fingers her to orgasm. Then he ties her hands behind her, and she kneels in front of him to pleasure him with her mouth, smearing her red lipstick everywhere, sucking his hard cock to completion! Lily promises to be only his office slut, and do whatever he says! This is the first fully sexual video we've made, and we think the chemistry we have as husband and wife is pretty hot. You can purchase the nonsexual portion of the spanking alone, if you do not want to see the sexual part. 

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